hello! welcome to the birdland wiki! as you've probably seen, not a lot is set up yet. a lot of work needs to be done to get this wiki in best shape! this to-do list serves as a guide of pages in need of additional work, or pages that need to be created! if you you've created a page that isn't on this list, feel free to add it. if you think that there's page that this list needs, feel free to help contribute!



Youth DetectiveEdit


Known UnknownsEdit


more descriptive location pages for locations from known unknowns might be better since these actually have explorable layouts and everything


  • frthr?
  • cyberNExT
  • List of Tarot Cards from the birdland tarot card section
  • Canadian Zodiac birdland's own in universe zodiac for canadians
  • we need redirect pages. for example, the actual full names of the counsellors will lead to their main pages, or just the first names of characters will lead to their main pages
  • pages need to be added into appropriate categories
  • templates, including infoboxes for locations/characters, as well as templates for warning and work in progress headers to put on pages
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