Mr. Sherbourne or Marc Sherbourne is a teacher at Middle Canada College and a supporting character in Known Unknowns.




Sherbourne often attempts to connect and appeal with his students on a personal level, and believes that the best way to do so is to seem "hip" and "cool" with the kids. He makes outdated and forced references to pop culture when talking or teaching classes as a way of engaging students, and is insistent on them referring to him by his first name. However, this method has little success. He attempts to be casual and a teacher that students can talk to. Throughout the story Sherbourne lets Nadia know that he is there to discuss any issues with her, although she states that she does not want to do so.

Alain SherbourneEdit

Little is known about Alain's relationship with Marc Sherbourne, aside from the fact that the two were related in some way, most likely siblings. It could be inferred that the two had a close relationship, and that Marc was deeply impacted by Alain's death.


  • In the file names for character portraits, most characters that have a second, non-uniform portrait often have their pictures numbered (e.g. Nadia1.png is Nadia in her school uniform, Nadia2.png is Nadia at Kipling's party). Sherbourne is the only character that doesn't have a properly numbered portrait, despite having a second picture. This was most likely to avoid any potential spoilers for the game. However, Mr. Sherbourne's spell casting costume is named "Sherbourne666.png," a reference to the funni devil number
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