Miles Golden is a supporting character in Known Unknowns. He is a graphic designer and a friend of Nadia Nazari.

Character BiographyEdit

Pre-Known UnknownsEdit

Not much is known about Mile's life before Known Unknowns, but it could be assumed that at some point Miles had befriended Kaz Kaczmarek and the two bonded over their mutual love of graphic design.

Known UnknownsEdit

Miles is introduced in Episode 1. The day after Kaz and Nadia encounter the ghost racoon. When asked about his belief in ghosts, he firmly says that he believes in science, which says that ghosts don't exist.

He is seen at Kipling's party in Episode 2. He mainly stays out of the actual party activities, watching other people participate in beer pong, chatting with Kaz, or sitting by himself reading a book.

In Episode 3, during an optional interaction, Miles would give Nadia advice on why The Middleman wasn't doing good, suggesting that she merely had bad luck with the wrong group of people.

During Episode 4 Miles goes to Burger Zone with Kaz while Nadia stays with Anja to work on their French project.


Miles is introverted and tends to keep to himself. He is slightly socially awkward, and isn't actively engaged with the school's social culture very deeply. Many of his dialogue interactions are optional, suggesting more of a comfort to keep by himself rather than actively seek out others. His intellect is described as "annoyingly large" and he is knowledgable it a lot of topics. He is more often seen sitting by himself reading a book to pass the time, rather than chatting with people. One interactions reveals that he spent his entire spare reading a book rather than going home, barely realizing that time has passed.

Due to his lack of interaction with the social culture, he tends to be less "in the know" about recent events and gossip. When Nadia is outed to the entire school, he is seemingly oblivious to the gossip. Overall, he has a general lack of interest in the personal lives of others.


Nadia NazariEdit

In Miles character biography, he is described as Nadia's "buddy." The two get along with each other well, hanging out and often chatting. Miles often gives Nadia advice, such as his theory on why the Middleman was not succeeding.

Kaz KaczmarekEdit

If Miles is with another person, he is most likely to be interacting with Kaz. Despite their very different personalities: Kaz being more impulsive and energetic while Miles is more introverted and intellectual, the two are very good friends. The two bond with each other over their mutual passion of graphic design.

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