Kaz Kaczmarek is a character in Known Unknowns.

Relationships Edit

Nadia Nazari Edit

Kaz and Nadia are best friends and ghost-hunting collaborators. Kaz is the first person Nadia tells about her bisexuality and crush on Summer, and they are very supportive of her throughout the story. They are also the only other person working on the school newspaper that Nadia runs, and they believe in Nadia's editorial abilities even when she herself doesn't.

Kaz and Nadia are a good balance for each other, because Kaz is action-oriented while Nadia is more thoughtful. Kaz distracts Nadia with ghost-hunting when she starts to worry too much, and Nadia points out Kaz's more impulsive behaviors, like buying expensive ghost detectors or climbing over a fence instead of using the gate.

Anja Kaczmarek Edit

Anja and Kaz get along well, despite their very different personalities. Their social lives don't have much overlap: Kaz and Nadia are best friends, even while Anja and Nadia are fighting, and Anja and Summer are friends, but Kaz barely talks to Summer.

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