(Not to be confused with Cassidy, Bell's former friend)

Cassidy "Woods" Warden is a character in Birdland. She is a camp counsellor, specifically the Nature and Camping instructor.


Cassidy has a very affectionate, cutesy way of speaking- she calls the campers "little darlings" and tells them to have a "lovely morning."

Character BiographyEdit

She is first introduced while she is teaching orienteering to Bridget and Elizabeth, who both do not understand the activity.

For one activity, she splits the campers up into pairs of one junior and one senior, preventing Bridget from partnering with Bell or Mackenzie.

After she is taken over by the birds on July 17, she points out that humans have no wings to help them survive in the forest, and so she teaches them to forage for grubs by putting her face in the dirt. Bridget and Bell ignore Cassidy, and sneak away.

She wins the grub-finding round of the Summer Camp Olympics because Bridget can't stand having her face in the dirt.

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