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Hello, and welcome to the "Brendan Patrick Hennessy Interactive Fiction Wiki." It's a mouthful, I know, but I couldn't find a better all encompassing term for it that would include all of the games. Feel free to call it the "Birdland Wiki" if you will instead.

This game is mainly meant to document all things Bell Park, Birdland and Known Unknowns related, but feel free to create pages for other works instead. I'm currently working on a to-do list, so watch out for that! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to help out the wiki!

Who is Brendan Patrick HennessyEdit

Brendan Patrick Hennessy is a Toronto based interactive fiction author. If you've heard of him it's most likely from his interactive fiction game Birdland, one of the games this wiki focuses on. They're amazing games with a focus on mystery, character and LGBT characters.

What are the games?Edit

There are three main games that fit within the general "canon" of the series:

  • Bell Park Youth Detective: Playable here. The first game released. Focuses on Bell Park, a 12 year old teen detective who is hired to solve a mystery at a library before a big tech conference.
  • Birdland: Playable here. The story follows Bridget Leaside as she attempts to navigate summer camp, feelings and bird creatures.
  • Known Unknowns: Playable here. The most recent. Follows Nadia Nazari, Grade 12 journalist trying to balance a ghost hunting mystery and her relationships with the people around her.

I don't think I'm very good at writing short synopsis for these, its honestly best experienced if you go and check them out yourself!

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